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Tulane UniversityTulane has an interdisciplinary team of researchers working on energy related research and development. Researchers are primarily from the School of Science & Engineering and the Freeman School of Business. Current CPERC related projects include the following:

  1. Hydrogen Production Using the Copper-Sulfate Thermochemical Cycle
  2. Hydrogen Production Using the Copper-Chloride Thermochemical Cycle
  3. Advanced Electrochemical Technologies for Hydrogen Production by Alternative Thermochemical Cycle
  4. Butanol Production From Sugar Cane Waste Products
  5. The Economic Impacts of Increased LNG Import Capacity on Louisiana, 2004-2009
  6. The Potential Use of Lignite and Petcoke for Louisiana Electric Power Generation

Primary Contact Person

Dr. Victor J. Law
Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Dept.
Tulane University
New Orleans, LA 70118
Phone: 504-865-5773
Cell: 504-236-6360


John C. Prindle, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Dept.
Phone: 504-865-5774

W. T. Godbey, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Dept.
Phone: 504-865-5872

David A. Mullin, Department of Cell and Molecular Biology
Phone: 504-865-5545

Larry D. Byers, Department of Chemistry
Phone: 504-862-3578

Eric N. Smith, Clinical Professor, Freeman School of Business
Phone: 504-865-5031

Geoffrey Parker, Information Management, Freeman School of Business
Phone: 504-865-5472

Two Post-Doctoral Fellows Join Tulane CPERC Research Teams

Dr. Harshad Velankar has joined the research group of Dr. Victor Law to work on a CPERC (see related story) project to produce butanol from waste biomass (sugar mill wastes in particular). Dr. Velandar was most recently a postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa. His work was related to recombinant fermentations, membrane immobilized amidases for nitrile biotransformations and bioethanol production from cellulosic substrates.

Dr. Ramalingam (Raams) Subramaniam has also joined Dr. Victor Law’s research group to work on a DOE supported project entitled Aspen Plus Modeling of the Three-Reaction Version of the Copper-Chloride Thermochemical Cycle for Hydrogen Production from Water. Raams was most recently Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering, SSN College of Engineering in Tamilnadu India. His areas of specialization are Process Modeling, Simulation and Optimization.

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